Vulnerable Child 4-Book Bundle

Type: Vulnerable Child
Price: $100.00


This four-book set includes the following texts:  

Caring for the Vulnerable Child: Welcoming Children Who Have Experienced Neglect, Abandonment and Abuse

Steve and Celestia Tracey's book integrates decades of professional experience and theology with the latest scientific findings on the effects of abuse, trauma, and neglect in children. This book is the foundational resources for the 10 week small group curriculum.

A Parent's Journey to the Heart of a Child- This is an interactive tool to be used as a companion resource to the Caring for the Vulnerable Child book. The workbook is designed to facilitate deeper connections between vulnerable children and the adults who love them.

My Journal for the Good Hard Stuff - This interactive tool is to be used in conjunction with the Caring for the Vulnerable Child textbook. The workbook is designed specifically for children and mirrors each chapter from A Parent's Journey to the Heart of a Child workbook.

The Vulnerable Child Teacher's Guide -This guide provides detailed lessons that serve as gentle guides in supporting children in pain as they move through complex grief. The guide is geared towards kids in 1st-6th grade. It can be used in a church or organization classroom, or individually for parents and children. Each lesson corresponds with a chapter from the children's text, My Journal for the Good Hard Stuff.

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