Princess Lost + Princess Found Online Training

03/03/2019 - 04/28/2019


If you are serving individuals with complex trauma such as human trafficking, this training is for you. It is experiential, practical, and interactive. In only ten weeks you will be certified in MTS’s Princess Lost & Found Model to respond to complex and co-morbid issues in a healing way within community contexts. You will meet weekly using the Zoom video platform for live "face to face" online training and discussion. 

After completing our training, you will be:

  1. Equipped to implement MTS’s Princess Lost & Found curricula for use in group or individual settings. 
  2. Connected to a support community of certified Princess Lost & Found caregivers.

Space is limited to only 20 participants! Class will run on Sundays from 6:00-7:30pm PST beginning on 3/03/18

The Princess Lost & Found training utilizes the beautifully crafted curricula written by Steve and Celestia Tracy, authors of Mending the Soul. Addressing the needs of sex-trafficked survivors and their advocates, this training provides psycho education on the devastating effects of exploitation and complex trauma and provides practical exercises to connect with survivors.

This research-driven training, rooted in real-life experience provides a pathway for mentors, social workers, therapists, and leaders to anticipate and respond to the needs of survivors. Through safe relationships, advocates offer hope for healing and redemption from the horrific effects of abuse specific to sex-trafficked individuals. Mending the Soul instructors bring both professional and mentoring experience with sexually abused and exploited men and women.

All registrants will need to:

  • Have participated in a Mending the Soul course and completed the online facilitator training. 

  • Be able to connect to the course through a stable internet connection.

  • Have the required course materials:

    • Princess Lost: The Story of our Daughters

    • Princess Found: A Guide for Mentors

    • Princess Lost Journal

  • Plan on setting aside four hours each week to work attend the course, engage in discussion, and read the required materials.